imax shift

An indoor cycling experience that will transport your mind and transform your body.

The Next Great Fitness Movement

Join the big revolution of fitness movement today and be a part of an international family. Heal your mind and body for a confident and active approach to your life. All are classes are taken by expert personal training London professionals with many years Health and Fitness experience and proven results. 

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The Workout

This workout is all about riding to the beat; gradually tapping into endorphins, finding your zone, and immediately locking into an exhilarating, fun, powerful and interval based journey. We sprint, we jog, we climb, we tap it back to the beat, and we ride together.

The Ride

Each bike’s console gives you the option to track your own speed, resistance, and power, but this ride is about the journey not the numbers. Use the data to keep the pace and then let yourself get lost in the experience. After your ride, monitor your progress from class-to-class in your online account.

The Talent

Our cycling instructors bring the experience to life. They are rockstars, trainers, coaches, and entertainers, providing the encouragement you need to surpass your fitness goals.

The experience has been great so far. It is nothing less than a concert where I know that I am applying my energy to the right parts of my body.
Brandi Q. Davenport
I feel one can feel positive about leading an active life once they join these sessions. They are filled with energy and positivity to overcome any hurdles in life.
Eugene A. Port

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