The Next Great Fitness Movement.

IMAXShift® is an immersive group cycling studio powered by The IMAX Experience® that has captivated and thrilled audiences for decades. Our rockstar instructors, larger-than-life screen, and unmatched audio will take you from the front of your saddle to the edge of reality. From beginners to serious athletes, the challenge is yours to set and yours to surpass.

Where will your workout take you next?

The Journey.

Lose Yourself.

Re-imagine indoor cycling. Immerse yourself in a ride that’s energizing, performance-driven, fun and altogether epic. Cycle through the solar system, soar over the coasts of Hawaii, pedal to the beat with music reactive visuals, and much more. Each class is different, handcrafted by instructors to include a unique combination of music and visual experiences that perfectly complement the workout.


Where will you end up?

The Technology.

Experience It In IMAX®.

Let The IMAX Experience® change the way you think about fitness. Crystal clear audio surrounds you as sharp, hyperreal visuals suck you into the massive screen. A unique ride that leaves you breathless before you even break a sweat.

The Workout.

Feel The Bass.

This workout is all about riding to the beat; gradually tapping into endorphins, finding your zone, and immediately locking into an exhilarating, fun, powerful and interval based journey. We sprint, we jog, we climb, we tap it back to the beat, and we ride together.

The Ride.

Achieve Your Goals.

Each bike’s console gives you the option to track your own speed, resistance, and power, but this ride is about the journey not the numbers. Use the data to keep the pace and then let yourself get lost in the experience. After your ride, monitor your progress from class-to-class in your online account.

Meet Our

The Talent.

Our cycling instructors bring the experience to life. They are rockstars, trainers, coaches, and entertainers, providing the encouragement you need to surpass your fitness goals.

View our instructors

The Facility.