What are the top 5 Health benefits of cycling?



Some people love cycling and cycling is considered as good exercise. There are various benefits of cycling which you should know. Cycling has health benefits and provides you physical fitness. A study showed that patients having knee pain or osteoarthritis got improvement in their condition by cycling when it was introduced into their routine. Thus, this proved cycling is not only beneficial for the kids but also for the elder ones too. Hurry up! And take your cycles out; spend few hours or minutes cycling to experience its benefits.

Improve your heart-


Cycling is excellent for an individual’s heart. A study was conducted by the medicine and science in sports and exercise, this study was conducted for five years on the activity of 1500 subject. It revealed that people who are active daily are 31% less likely to face a risk of high blood pressure. If you do cycling daily you will remain active and this, in turn, will help you to prevent from heart risks. You and your heart can remain healthy by cycling!


Feel sexier-


If you think you are the only one who believes spandex as super hot, then you are wrong! In a survey of 600 women and men which was commissioned by British heart foundation, it was revealed that cyclists are considered 13 percent hotter as well as intelligent than other people who do not do cycling. Also, 23 percent people said that they would like to make cyclists their blind date athlete.


Lose fat-


Regular cycling can be the best method to lose weight. You need not to go on diet or do the workout at the gym, just do cycling! Also, don’t trust on supplements to lose weight, cycling is the cheapest and effective solution to lose fat. If you cycle along with proper diet on daily basis then you can lose fat in few months.


Prevent cancer-


If you maintain good health by taking proper diet and do regular exercise then this can help you to prevent a risk of cancer. Thus, cycling is an exercise and if you do it regularly it can help you to remain fit and healthy as well as prevent the risk of cancer.


Feel better-


Cycling helps to improve the self-esteem of the person, thus, by doing cycling your body will release the bunch of feels great hormone and you will feel as if you can take over the world!


Live Longer-


A study showed that riders from past who does cycling lived for a long time. This is because cycling makes your bone and muscles strong and thus, you remain fit for a longer period. This is the reason why pros live more than the normal person.

So, now that you have understood the benefits of cycling, you must also start cycling as well as encourage your child to do cycling! When you cycle for longer, you get sweat released from your body; this sweat cools your body and makes your body temperature normal. Switch from cars to cycles as they will also help you save fuel and generate less pollution.


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