Health Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a great way to get exercise.  There are many benefits, and it is something that most people can get on board with.  Gyms are increasingly set up for indoor cycling, and there are specific exercise classes known as spinning classes where the instructor will lead you through a series of challenging exercises on the bike.  Of course cycling away on your own at home or in the gym is just as beneficial, so let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits to body and mind.


Stress Levels Fall


When we are stressed we have a rush of the fight or flight hormone which contributes to the physical feelings of stress.  Thankfully this can only do one thing at a time, so if you put it to work by cycling at a high enough level to pump that heart faster, you will, in turn, allow those nasty damaging hormones to dissipate and leave your body.  Of course being indoors when you are cycling also means you do not have the stresses of trying to negotiate traffic, roads, and pedestrians that you would encounter outside – double win.


Heart Healthy


Cardiovascular work is particularly important for heart health and weight loss.  The good news is that cycling on a stationary bike can bring the heart rate up, which in turn will lower blood pressure and lessen the risk of you getting coronary artery disease.  It is also useful for resting heart rates (when you have stopped!) and combats bad cholesterol levels.  Be sure to keep the cycle rate up so that you are working hard though, chatting while peddling a little bit won’t help at all!


Kind on the Body


Because you are cycling, you are not actually having the impact on the joints caused by running or walking.  Low impact exercise is often needed by people that have previously injured themselves as it doesn’t put a strain on the body, and the body is not having to bear its own weight either.  In order to get the best from the bike, you need to make sure you have correctly adjusted the seat and handlebars.  This means it is an excellent exercise for those just starting out on a fitness regime as well as those that have been cycling for years.


Muscle Strength


Muscles need to be used.  They cannot stay in tip-top condition if you are a couch potato – so indoor cycling helps here too.  A bike is designed to offer resistance when you peddle and this, in turn, helps work the muscles of the legs and helps with tendon, bone and ligament strength too.  The stronger your muscles, the better your posture will be, and in turn the fewer aches and pains you will suffer as we all inevitably age.


Burn Those Calories


Both individual indoor cycling and those hated spinning classes burn calories at a reasonable rate.  On average a class lasting three-quarters of an hour will see you burn between 400-600 calories.  This is needed to lose weight and will help you whittle down the pounds.

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